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I’m missing my little prince charming 😔


Capturing the uncaught mind : This technique comes from the Buddhist tradition for Yoga.
This is a good technique to use for 15-20 minutes before a meditation session, especially if you are having trouble calming the mind. I find it very useful on days when my mind is incredibly active and resisting meditation. Technique: * Relax the entire being and slow the breath *
Begin to focus upon the pauses between each inhalation and exhalation * Start counting each cycle of inhalation and exhalation as one count * Count each cycle from 1-7, then start back at one and count from 1-14, then starting back at one, count each cycle from 1-21, and so on….increasing each time by 7 counts *
If at anytime the mind interferes and you forget which count or which cycle you are one, then start again 1-7, 1-14, and so on. The purpose is not to see how many counts you can get, but it is to still the mind and focus upon the pauses between inhalation and exhalation.
The counting is merely a tool to keep the mind focused and calm. You may find that some days you struggle to complete the first round of seven, this is just fine. Do not get discouraged. With constant practice you will find that you are able to complete more and more rounds and eventually you may not need this technique anymore.
After you feel that your mind is in a calm state and you would like to move into another form of meditation focus on stabilizing the captured mind. * Keep yourself in a state of neutrality, having non-reaction to thoughts. Detach from thoughts completely.
Do not feel unhappy if there are no thoughts, or disappointed if there are thoughts. * Use the witness consciousness – the stillness that exists behind every thought and action. This is the background of awareness where thoughts are coming and going. Stay in the awareness of the awareness itself~
Image : Elana Ray


Morning mist floating through my forest of twisted trees. Captured on an iPhone while drinking coffee.


Good Vibes HERE



Through thick and thin..I love this man 😘



Melts my heart 😍

Proclaimed and Pronounced

Along with all this excitement I do still have my fears but every day I wake up and hand those fears to God praying that this time it for real. This time I am trusting Him and giving all my fears to Him and not just handing them to Him until night fall and starting all over again in the morning. This morning I stood strong in my faith. Woke up and pronounced my fears and felt them slip away. I’m holding on to hope and releasing the hurt. What happened before will not happen again. With every physical hardship, ache and pain all I can do is smile and be grateful because I know butterflies shortly follow.

But the way she looking 😁

I love this little girl!!! She has Cole and I wrapped around her finger.. her brother does too lol

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